Spreading the Light of Jesus

Missions is something each of us engages in every day as we live out the Good News of Jesus to those around us, but there are many places beyond our reach. At New Hope, we are deeply committed to partnering with missionaries around the world to spread the light of Jesus to every nation and people group. Through ongoing support, we endeavor to empower these dedicated messengers of the Gospel as they bring hope, healing, and the message of salvation to the furthest reaches of the globe. By nurturing these vital relationships and fostering a global perspective of ministry, we aim to illuminate the darkest corners of the earth with the transformative power of Christ's message.

Philosophy of Missions

At New Hope, we believe that missions play a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ. Our church philosophy of missions is rooted in the following principles:

Biblical Mandate: We affirm the biblical mandate to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for salvation and transformation for all people, regardless of their background or location.

Missions as Worship: We view missions as an act of worship, where we respond to God’s love and grace by sharing the Good News with others. We recognize that our ultimate purpose is to glorify God in all that we do, including our efforts to reach the lost and bring them into a relationship with Him.

Holistic Approach: We embrace a holistic approach to missions, recognizing that the needs of individuals and communities extend beyond their spiritual well-being. While our primary focus is proclaiming the Gospel, we also seek to address physical, emotional, and social needs, demonstrating the love of Christ in practical ways.

Partnering with Others: We believe in the importance of partnering with other churches, organizations, and individuals who share our vision for missions. By working together, we can pool our resources, expertise, and efforts to have a more significant impact in reaching the nations with the Gospel.

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Discipleship and Equipping: We are committed to discipling and equipping believers to fulfill their God-given mission. We strive to train and empower individuals to become effective witnesses and ambassadors for Christ, both locally and globally. We provide ongoing support, training, and resources to enable individuals to serve effectively in missions.

Contextualization: We recognize the importance of contextualizing the Gospel message to effectively reach different cultures and people groups. We seek to understand and respect the cultural, social, and religious context of the communities we serve, adapting our methods and approaches while remaining faithful to the unchanging truth of God’s Word.

Long-term Impact: We believe in the value of long-term relationships and sustainable impact in missions. While short-term missions can have their place, we prioritize building lasting relationships with communities and investing in the development of local leaders who can continue the work of spreading the Gospel and effecting positive change in their own context.

Prayer and Dependence on God: We acknowledge our dependence on God in all aspects of missions. We prioritize prayer as the foundation for all our missionary endeavors, seeking God’s guidance, provision, protection, and empowerment. We believe that apart from His leading and empowerment, our efforts are in vain.

By adhering to this philosophy of missions, we seek to actively engage in the work of fulfilling the Great Commission, bringing glory to God, and seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Tim and Barbara Downs

Tim and Barbara Downs — Belgium

Tim and Barbara Downs were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Zaire in September 1986. Due to political unrest in Zaire, they were forced to leave the country. The Downses became missionaries to the Ivory Coast in September of 1993. Tim is a 1986 graduate of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri, and Barbara completed the concentrated missions course at BBC in 1986. They served their internship at the Hillcrest Baptist Mission in Hollister, Missouri. Tim was ordained in 1984 at the Shawnee Mission Baptist Temple in Shawnee, Kansas. They have three children.

Irfan Abdullatif — Middle East

Irfan is the director of Light of Life International, a ministry dedicated to reaching the Middle East by supporting and training indigenous church planters to build local churches.

Karen Kolb

Karen Kolb — Guatemala

Karen was recognized as a Short-term missionary to Mexico in September of 2005. In May 2008, she was approved as a career missionary to the field of Guatemala. She served her internship as a TEAM missionary in Mexico City, Mexico where she worked with veteran missionaries, Mark and Debbie Williams, and Ed and Annita Hoagland. Her sending church is West Division Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.

Philip and Sarah Wright — Cambodia

Philip served as an assistant pastor at New Life Baptist Church in Wabash, IN for 9 years alongside his wife, Sarah. Sarah has been involved in the local ministry for 10 years and is a Nurse Practitioner. They have a beautiful daughter, Arya and a wonderful little boy, Kaladin. In 2023 they began full-time deputation as they prepare to move to Cambodia full time with the World Initiative Network.

Ken and Carrie Liles — Middle East

Ken and Carrie Liles are missionaries to displaced peoples. They seek to bring hope to refugees by presenting them with the Good News of Jesus. They have six married children, five who are full-time ministry workers. They also have 21 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Lonnie and Martha Smith

Lonnie and Martha Smith — Mexico

Lonnie and Martha Smith were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Mexico in May 1974. Lonnie and Martha are both 1974 graduates of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. They served their internship at the Aurora Baptist Temple in Aurora, Missouri, where Lonnie was ordained in 1974. Lonnie, Jr. is the son of Lonnie and Margie Smith, veteran BBF missionaries to Mexico. Lonnie and Martha have two children.

Randy and Linda Perkins

Randy and Linda Perkins — Australia

Randy and Linda Perkins were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Australia in September 1973. They changed fields to the Czech Republic in 1992. In 1994 they changed back to the field of Australia. Randy and Linda are both 1971 graduates of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. They served their internship at the New Hope Baptist Church (formerly the Fort Wayne Baptist Temple) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Randy was ordained in 1973. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Jonathan and Natalie Perry

Jonathan and Natalie Perry — Australia

Jonathan and Natalie Perry were approved as missionaries to Australia in May 2010. Jonathan graduated in 2007 from the Missions course at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Natalie graduated in 2006 from the Missions course at BBC. They served their internship at Winter Haven Baptist Church in Winter Haven, FL where Jonathan was ordained. Jonathan and Natalie, along with their three kids, live and serve near Perth, Australia.

Kevin and Sarah Pine

Kevin and Sarah Pine — Great Britain

Kevin and Sarah Pine were recognized as Short-Term BBFI missionaries to England in May 2007. In May 2012, they were approved as career missionaries to England. They served their internship as TEAM Missionaries in England where they worked with Tom and Gail Gritts. Kevin was ordained in 2003 at Flat Creek Baptist Church in Cape Fair, MO. Kevin graduated in 2003 from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO with a Bachelors degree in Missions, and again in 2006 with a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling. Sarah graduated in 2006 from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.Their sending church is Calvary Baptist Church, Bowie TX. The Pines have one son and one daughter.

Dan and Gail Powers

Dan and Gail Powers — Cambodia

After over 25 years in pastoral ministry in the United States, Dan and Gail Powers were called into international ministry. Serving with Baptist Bible Fellowship, they became missionaries to Cambodia in 2010 and have been faithfully serving ever since.

Steve and Heidi Reinhold

Steve and Heidi Reinhold — Mexico

Steve and Heidi Reinhold were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Mexico in May 1997. Steve graduated in 1992 from the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. Heidi graduated in 1993 from the missions course at BBC. They served their internship at Baptist Temple in Springfield, Missouri. The Reinholds have seven sons and one daughter.

Eric and Amanda Shadle

Eric and Amanda Shadle — Ethiopia

Eric and Amanda Shadle were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Ethiopia in September 2006. They both graduated in 2001 from the missions course at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. They served their internship at First Coast Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida, Pastor Richard Edwards. Eric was ordained at this church in June 2006. The Shadles have one daughter and one son.

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