Getting Fit For The Journey With The Proper Diet –

Reading and Responding to the Word of God!

Matthew 4:4

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God's Points of Contact With a Lost World

(The King's Plan)

Matthew 5:13-16

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The Kings Paradigm for Kingdom Living

Becoming a Person of Influence!

Matthew 5:3-12

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Becoming A Kingdom Person Pt 1
Matt. 6:9-10
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The Intimacy of Prayer

Matt. 6:9-13

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A Heart for Giving

Matt. 6:19-21

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Becoming A Kingdom Person Pt 2
Matt 6:33
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Are You A Boat Potato Or A Water Walker

Matt. 14:23-29

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Sink Or Swim – Learning To Walk On Water

Matt. 14:29


Beware The Obstacles Of Our Faith

Matthew 14:30-33

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The Tragedy of a Wasted Life

Matthew 25:14-30

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